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When you depend on your air conditioning system to battle the heat, it should work as efficiently as possible. However, if not, then there's a good chance that things can get pretty ugly in no time at all!

The summer heat is a real challenge, and when it gets too humid inside your home, you may find that the AC system isn't cooling down as much. This becomes incredibly uncomfortable at night since air conditioning can make us feel more comfortable in our sleep patterns by ensuring we don't overheat or get condensation on windows during mid-day hours. 

You know that the old AC system in your home is a problem, but how do you decide if it's time to say goodbye? To help make this decision easier for homeowners, we've compiled some clear signals.

Let us help. 

Here are six sure-fire signs that will tell you when it's time for a replacement of your cooling system: 

  • Your system is very old and continues to experience repairs. 

  • You notice hot spots throughout the home--more so than what should be expected from just one area or appliance 

  • Your energy bills appear higher than usual 

  • Your system is fitted with R22 refrigerant (which was phased out by the government).


Air Conditioner Installs and Replacements You Can Trust

If you have nodded yes to two or three of the following signs. Luckily getting one is easy when we come in! You can rest assured knowing that once our team sets up your home with an AC system and maintenance service agreement (such as yearly inspections), they will take care of everything so that yours runs smoothly without any problems. 

We know that a new system can be tempting, but we also understand the importance of keeping your budget in mind. You'll not have to break the bank or sacrifice quality for price at our company because we offer both!

The benefits of an efficient system are many. 

  • You'll potentially save money, enjoy peace as well as reduce energy bills! 

  • New systems run much quieter than older models.

  • Your home maintains the perfect temperature.

  • And speaking about comfort... you'll be sleeping like royalty now since these new units distribute warm/cooler airflow throughout the house. 

When looking for a new HVAC system, don't forget that our experts can help! Our team will work hard to find the perfect solution for your home and offer some advice on sizing. Besides, an AC unit too big or small can result in losing efficiency, which is why we offer professional advice from our top-notch pros!


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Our team is the best in town. If you need AC installation, maintenance, or emergency services, give us a call today! We'll make your home's air conditioning feel like new again with our efficient and professional service.

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