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What is Electrification?

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Installing an Energy Efficient Heat Pump

What is electrification?

This word is being thrown around quite a bit lately. So let's delve a little deeper into what it is and what it can mean for you. 

Electrification is the process of replacing appliances and systems traditionally powered by natural gas, propane, or oil with electric alternatives. Over 25% of US homes rely solely on electricity, mostly in warmer climates where electric heating options, such as heat pumps are practical.

Offering several benefits, electrification is gaining momentum.

Resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions if the electricity is generated from solar or wind power, it helps to combat climate change. Traditionally, electric appliances are more energy efficient than those powered by natural gas. This results in lower energy bills.

With the benefits there are still challenges. Home electrification in colder climates requires more efficient heat pumps. More often, than not, this comes at a higher upfront cost. Upgrading electrical panels and expanding infrastructure to the existing grid is necessary. Careful planning and financial investment are advised when converting to a completely electric home.

Even with the previously mentioned challenges, electronification is taking hold and continues to gain its footing. It is expected to become the more affordable choice with new technologies, making electric appliances more desirable. With many government incentives helping to push electrification forward. This trend could impact US energy use and reduce our society’s environmental footprint.

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