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Home Furnace Repair Costs

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When the home or business furnace fails, the owner is faced with a big dilemma. The furnace is often looked upon as the very foundation of the house. Without it, you are left withoutcentral heating and air conditioning in many cases.

In all, there are hundreds of different makes and models of furnaces on today's market. Most units run anywhere from $3000 to over $6000 depending on size and options available when installed. More recent high-efficiency furnaces can pay for themselves quickly, saving homeowners in energy costs year after year compared to standard efficiency units.

The typical homeowner can expect to pay an average of $100-$800 for a complete service call, including the diagnosis and necessary parts. In most cases, your service technician can tell you if it is more cost-effective to replace an entire system or repair what you have at a fraction of the cost.

Replacing a furnace is not cheap, but often in older homes, it may be less expensive than trying to correctly repair a unit that has suffered years of neglect and abuse by previous owners using inferior products when installing ductwork and registers. Selecting options such as digital thermostats with remote sensors installed in each room will save you money on energy bills because each room will be monitored to provide overall comfort.

How To Choose The Right Furnace Repair Technician

A professional service technician should be chosen not only for his expertise but also for honesty and work ethic. He should arrive at your home in a clean and presentable uniform that looks professional. You can expect him to explain everything he is doing. He inspects each component of your furnace system inside and out, including the outside unit(s), where more dirt occurs than any other appliance we have in our homes today.

He will check each component carefully, removing small screws or covers on the air filter housing or louvres to inspect the inside for signs of rust or corrosion. This tells you how important this initial inspection is before spending money on parts that may not be needed if found during this process.

Your outside unit's compressor and related electrical components may be delicate, but it is only a problem with the fan or blower wheel inside. This part will need to be removed before inspecting and replacing bearings, oiling parts inside or re-wiring them if necessary.

You should also expect your service technician to provide you with documentation of the work he has done, what was found wrong with your unit, how much each repair costs, plus the diagnostic charge to arrive at your home or business and diagnose the problem. If you have not paid this amount in advance by check or credit card, then payment will be required at the time of service completion.

Check out their qualifications, especially when dealing with ductless mini splits or high-efficiency furnaces. Make sure they are knowledgeable in all areas of your house, not just furnaces, if you have any other cooling or heating systems that may be affected by this repair work.


Every homeowner should know what to expect beforerepairs are started on their system. They should know the cost involved and where their money is going once paid out during service calls. This way, they can see how much it costs them to heat or cool their home throughout the year, knowing exactly where every dollar has gone. No surprises mean more saved cash for other things, which will make your entire household happier, especially after a long cold winter without heat!

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