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Tips to troubleshoot your Air Conditioner

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Help my AC isn't working! Troubleshooting Tips

Its hot and muggy and it's time to turn the Air Conditioner on. You switch the thermostat to cool and wait for the cold air to flow out of the vents. Instead the air is  warm or no air comes out at all.  Here are some tips to trouble shoot your AC before you call us. 

1. Check to see if the fan is spinning on the condenser (the outdoor unit) If it is not then the electrical components should be checked by a trained HVAC technician.

2. Turn the Air Conditioner off. Whatever is going on, leaving the Air Conditioner running will only hurt the equipment in the long run, 

3. Check your air filter. If the air flow through the system is blocked it could cause the unit not to work or to freeze up. Change the air filter if needed.

4. Check to see if there is ice anywhere around the system. If the line set or coils are frozen, it will stop the Air Conditioner from functioning. If the unit is frozen anywhere leave the system off until it thaws (this can take up to 8 -12 hours depending on the temperature and how frozen it is)

 5. Check the outdoor condenser unit to see if it is dirty. if it is caked in mud or cottonwood this could be obstructing airflow. You can use your garden hose to spray the outdoor condenser clean. This will help temporarily until you can get a HVAC technician out to do an in depth cleaning. 

Try these troubleshooting tips to offer some temporarily relief, form the heat but you should have any  Air Conditioning malfunctions checked out by a trained HVAC technician. 

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