Air Conditioner Maintenance and why you should

Air Conditioner maintenance done right.

1.  Helps improve its efficiency. When the coils and filters are dirty or clogged the system works harder using more energy and increasing your utility bills.

2.  Helps prevent breakdowns and increases the lifespan of your equipment. When a system works harder to compensate for dirty filters and coils, there is a larger risk of failure resulting in untimely and expensive breakdowns. Almost 90% of HVAC breakdowns are preventable with routine maintenance.

3. Helps maintain ideal indoor air quality. Routine maintenance keeps your filters clean and prevents the build up of dirt and dust in your system so that it does not have the opportunity to circulate in the air you and your loved ones are breathing.

4. Helps you keep your loved ones safe. Routine maintenance ensures that your system Is operating as it should. That all electrical connections are wired properly and secure. That there are no refrigerant leaks or clogs in the condensate drains.

5. Keeps your manufacturer warranty valid. Most manufacturers want to see proof of maintenance when their equipment fails. If you cannot provide proof of maintenance, they can deny any warranty claim. In the small print on the limited warranty, it states equipment must be properly maintained by a professional HVAC company annually in order to keep the parts warranty valid.  

Routine Air Conditioner Maintenance can benefit your system and home in many ways.  Keep your loved ones safe and comfortable all year round. Have you system maintained by a licensed, professional HVAC company. 

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